Mercurial Superfly V

The Nike Mercurial is nikes fastest boot, it boasts the ability to create explosive influxes of pure speed that can give any footballer the wining edge on the pitch. the mercurial have 2 evolutions of its bace design, the latest bing the Superfly V and the Vapor X. The superflys flyknit construction is seamless, flowing from the dynamic fit collar at the top of the boot, moulding around any individuals ankle, to the fly wire cables that are integrated to the laces that gives your the feeling of the booting being your second skin. The Superflys stud design is specifically arranged to aid acceleration and boost sprint speed so that you can get to the ball first every time, its ultra lightweight materials allow you to run all day in any conditions with maximum comfort. The Nike Mercurial Superfly is any sprinters dream boot it is from its grip system that in inside the boost working to ensure that your foot is stable and secure when changing direction at rapid speeds, to its Micro Textured Synthetic skin that increases the control you have on the ball then taking a touch, pass or shot.

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